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Zalar Kachaba Talav (Turtle Lake)
Village: Rampura Chhota, Dhanera- 385310. Dist: Banaskantha, State: Gujarat
Location: 11 km far from Dhanera on Raniwada (Raj) Highway.
There are more than 6000 turtles in this lake and due to loss of water of lake their lives in danger. Many turtles die daily and some miscreants indulge in smuggling them conveniently as the lake is situated near the road.


We came to know about these issues on April 30th, 2020 and started pouring water by tractor and tanker from nearby bore wells since May 1st, 2020.
On May 1st, 2020 we poured 52 tanker water to dried lake. And till now daily 10-12 tanker water is poured to maintain water level to help the turtles, insects, small micro organism, birds and animals to survive.
On May 23rd, 2020 World Turtles Day Nilesh Rajgor (President of Green Global Brigade Guj. State) honored all supporters and volunteers who work for saving lives of turtle with Sindur and Pipal Plants. We will continue this operation till it rain and we plan to dig a new bore well of 300 meter near to lake. The new bore well costs approx 16 lakh rupees as per government estimate so for this Edufun Foundation Trust has Contributed 1.64 lakh for construction of new bore well.


We want to dig a lake to conserve more water during rainy season and plan to plant more than 1,000 trees nearby and on border of lake to conserve water level in summer and make wire corridor to stop smuggling of turtles.
The water will help the turtles, their kids, small micro organisms, birds and animals to drink water and to survive.
Turtles, even at diminished population levels, play an important role in ecosystems by maintaining healthy sea-grass beds and coral reefs, providing key habitat for other marine life, helping to balance marine food webs and facilitating nutrient cycling from water to land.
Primary Cause: Environment
Secondary Cause: Animal Welfare
Project Location(s): roject is implemented in single village Rampura Chhota of Dhanera taluka Gujarat