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Computer Traiining

Computer literacy programme for children – most of whom have never used a computer.
To ignite young minds to the endless possibilities of the computer, make the children functionally e-literate, and help them lay the foundation for a better career.
Edufun Foundation Trust has a well-structured internally developed syllabus with courses and text books that cater to children’s varying requirements, interests and aptitudes. The basic course package consists of introduction to the Computer, basic software and hardware, Microsoft Office tools and the Internet. Advanced packages deal with programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, Photoshop etc.
Ongoing at Dhanera, Gujarat.
Children of classes 8-10
Every month 15-30 students get knowledge of computer by this program

Coaching classes

Edufun Foundation Trust offers coaching classes for the children who are going to school by assisting them in completing their homework and enhancing their hidden skills and talents. People from different walks of life including volunteers and seniors citizens have joined our initiative conferring them with equal opportunity for molding their future. This feature has embarked in ensuring that children belonging to poor families are not neglected of proper education due to lack of financial resources. We have even achieved the target of reducing school dropout ratio with this move.