Covid 19 Relief Work

Covid-19 Work

When India was going through the tough phase of lockdown, Edufun Foundation Trust stood up with patients admitted in hospital and their relatives, hospital staff, quarantined people by the government, families of daily wagers, migrant workers and other people with fewer sources of income and those who were struggling for survival. In rural and urban areas of Dhanera, the farmers were left out with no income because the market was closed down and they were not able to sell their Kharif crops and other migrated members of the family returned back to home with no savings. Trust had provided freshly prepared food containing Puri, Chapati -Sabji, Khichadi-Kadhi, Milk, and ButterMilk from 22nd March, 2020 to 17th May, 2020. Many tribal families were without food and many families who got stuck in the cities needed support. Edufun Foundation Trust extended a helping hand to the migrants, marginalized groups such as the elderly, single women, and people who were facing miseries and difficulties.

Edufun foundation Trust carried out relief work in COVID-19 in the following way:

  • Distribution of Ayurvedic decoction (“Ukado”)
  • Distribution of Ayurvedic Tablets
  • Distribution of freshly made food
  • Distribution of Ration kits
  • Counseling of migrants