Around 114 Villages of Dhanera, Dantiwada, Lakhani, and Deesa talukas are situated between the river bed of Rel and Banas rivers where the groundwater level is very low. The region has heterogeneous climatic conditions like extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter, as well as catastrophic flood conditions in the year 2015 and year 2017. To overcome climate change issues we have taken three actions/projects.
1. Vruksha Parab 2. Pipal Van 3. Mission Green Dhanera. In the year 2016, the “Vruksha Parab” (Free Trees) event was organized. In which we distributed free saplings of fruits and flower plants in Dhanera and nearby villages. We gave 2 saplings to each person of his/her own choice from varieties of plants namely, Neem, Borasali, Guava, Custard Apple, Saptaparni, Sweet Moringa, Curry leaves, Senna (Kashid), Golden shower (Garmalo), Gulmohar, Nagode, Pipal, Tulsi, Jambu, Ashok( Asopalav), Sevan, Aradusi (medicinal plant), Umara. The name, mobile number, and address of the person carrying the plant were also recorded. This has been done for 3 consecutive years and planted around 2000 trees. In the year 2020 even if in the COVID times, we planted trees with the due covid protocol we planted 1280 saplings out of which 62% trees survived. Again, the “Vruksha Parab” (Free Trees) event was organized and 1270 saplings were distributed.

In the year 2019, we did our pilot project for “Pipal Van” ( Forest of Pipal Trees), a mini forest of indigenous trees like Pipal, Neem, Ashok, Khijda, Borasali, Ambali, Jambu, Umbro, Banyan, etc. at Dhanera and Thavar village and made 3 Pipal Van with plantation of total 895 saplings. The project has been successful. Trees are growing gradually with the help of 1 gardener and a drip irrigation system. People of these villages are very much inspired by this project and agreed to grow more and more trees to save the environment. 

In the year 2021, under “ Mission Green Dhanera” we called the meeting of Sarpanch (Village Head) of 61 Gram Panchayat. They were fascinated by the idea of growing mini forests with the Miyawaki technique. Out of 61 villages, 13 villages were agreed to grow a mini forest and that is how we successfully planted 13,500 trees under this project

Total Trees plantation under Our Project - Dhanera - Pro Planet region 20,045 and Beneficiary villages list till date: 17 villages Thavar, Valer, Silasana, Samarwada, Charda, Jivana, Jadia, Karadhani, Ravi, Eta, Kunwarla, Malotra, Saral - Weed, Nandla, Duva, Ramun, Ramsan