mission pipal van

Location: Dhanera city and Dhanera Taluka
Duration: Ongoing basis since 2019
Beneficiaries: Ecosystem
Project cost: INR 4.5 lakh for one Pipal Van (Approx)

In the year 2019, we did our pilot project for “Pipal Van” ( Forest of
Pipal Trees), a mini forest of indigenous trees like Pipal, Neem, Ashok,
Khijda, Borasali, Ambali, Jambu, Umbro, Banyan, etc. at Dhanera and
Thavar village and made 3 Pipal Van with plantation of total 895
saplings. The project has been successful. Trees are growing
gradually with the help of 1 gardener and a drip irrigation system.
People of these villages are very much inspired by this project and
agreed to grow more and more trees to save the environment.


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