We have only one planet

We are part of nature. The planet is for all living things and not only for fulfilling the demands of humans. Our survival depends on forests, water bodies, wildlife and air that we are destroying day by day. We wanted to be part of the solution and therefore we started the ”Mission Green Dhanera” project.

Jane Goodall explained simply about climate change that “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.” The Edufun Foundation Trust realized that planting and saving trees could be the best way to save our region from heat waves, drought and other negative impacts of climate change. It has become possible with the continuous efforts of our team and with involvement of local government and local people; we have planted around 50,000 trees till December 2021. We started three sub projects namely, “Pipal Van”, “Vruksha Parab” and “Restoration of wetlands” under our pilot project “ Mission Green Dhanera”. In the Pipal Van project we are planting indigenous trees like Peepal, Neem, Ashok, Khijda, Borasali, Ambali, Jambu, Umbro, Banyan, etc, and we have made six mini forests of Indigenous trees. In the Vruksha Parab project we distributed free saplings of fruits and flower plants in Dhanera and nearby villages. We gave 2 saplings to each person of his/her own choice from varieties of plants namely, Neem, Borasali, Guava, Custard Apple, Saptaparni, Sweet Moringa, Curry leaves, Senna (Kashid), Golden shower (Garmalo), Gulmohar, Nagod, Pipal, Tulsi, Jambu, Ashok( Asopalav), Sevan, Aradusi (medicinal plant), Umara. In the Restoration of wetlands project we have saved the lives of turtles and made the lake summer ready. We are trying to maintain its sustainability.